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Welcome to the California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)

The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is the State of California’s web-based information and communications system available on a 24/7/365 basis for distribution of health alerts, dissemination of prevention guidelines, coordination of disease investigation efforts, preparedness planning, and other initiatives that strengthen state and local preparedness. CAHAN participants have the ability to receive alerts and notifications via alphanumeric pager, e-mail, fax, and phone (cellular and landline).

CAHAN links critical health and emergency response partners together to provide:

  • Rapid and secure communications system among state and local health agencies, health care providers, emergency management officials, and other emergency response partners
  • Dissemination of announcements from local, state or federal public health authorities to inform health and medical service personnel of likely or imminent dangers to the health of their community
  • Secure collaborative environment to develop and share information for emergency preparedness planning and response

The California Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Office provides CAHAN training, Help Desk support, and statewide administration. To request access, training, or assistance, contact the CAHAN Team at cahaninfo@cdph.ca.gov.

Terms of Use

The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is for authorized users for official use only. By logging into CAHAN, you hereby acknowledge you are an authorized participant of this network and are using this system solely for the purposes for which it was designed. You agree that you will not use any information obtained from CAHAN for personal use, nor will you disclose such information to parties other than those to whom the information is vital or who have authorized access to the information. Log off immediately if you are not authorized to use CAHAN or do not agree to these terms.